How many of you have declare numerous time you have nothing to wear?

How many of us have the "I have nothing to wear" problem, again?

I have always been kind of obsessed with clothes the more the better...

For decades I found myself running from store to store trying to find outfits that can be all; affordable,chic, bold, fashionable comfy, sexy but most importantly wearable for most occasions.

Strangely, the more clothes I bought & owned the more I didn’t have what to wear and always end up wearing the same  outfit, you know those you can wear day or night cocktail or casual... Yep! those.

“Where in the world are all of my clothes going and why I’m standing in front of my closet with hands on my hips every day, declaring I have nothing to wear?” 

I bet you’re wondering too.

After decades of  "Having Nothing to Wear,"

I fixed the problem, and  N2W + S2W  was born.



The New Fashion Industry most Intriguing and Stylish Brand.

The whole "I have nothing to wear" predicament is something everyone talks about a lot.

Actually the story about the science behind what to wear it is particularly interesting.

Over the years, I've dramatically declared that I have nothing to wear countless times,

normally in-front of a closet full of options, beautiful garments, and dozens of glamorous outfits .

For some reason we all somehow end up with a closet full of black outfits, 

casual T-shirts, sweaters, affordable easy wear stuff right?. 

Imagine having outfits that are not only comfy & affordable but also is bold chic, stylish, sexy and wearable for any occasion. 

Yep! wear it day time with sneakers and night time with heels for a cocktail,

that's what Im taking about.. Sure, these pieces are timeless and versatile,

but they basically combined to form one type of outfit that isn't appropriate for every situation.

But what if they were?  That is what Nothing 2 Wear Concept is all about!

Let’s take a look at the future of fashion with N2W Concept.

Albania Rosario

Creative Director & Founder




Nothing 2 Wear Concept

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